Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's time for a Bill Of Rights in Australia, for A Fair Go For ALL!

Finally Australia is contemplating the notion of doing something on the Human Rights issue.

It's well overdue.

Trouble is though it's a 'community consultation'. Which is often a good way for the majority to enshrine their prejudices rather than a way to ensure a cogent and uncontradictory set of principles get recognised.

So if were going to get a binding bill of rights rather than a decorative one, if were going to get one fully compliant with the now 60 year old U.n. charter and with the Yogyakarta Principles we're going to have to work at it.

The arguments in favour are logical. Equality for all, no exceptions. Thats fair.

Trouble is many people aren't logical thinkers but emotional ones so we need to make the call in an emotive one. One that carries the message in a way more Australians can easilly understand.

"A fair go for all!"

"Equal Rights for ALL Australians!"

Hows those for some catchy slogans? They tell the truth, they touch the heart and the mind.

There will be many who just want a decorative bill. There will be those who want rights for themselves but not for others. We could waste time debating the justifications for why Gay people should be able to marry too, why transgender people need many inequalities fixed in many laws in many states.

Or when they try and say "But gay marriage...." we shout back at the top of our lungs " A Fair Go For ALL!" and they start saying "But bathrooms...." we shout back at the top of our lungs " A Fair Go For ALL!" and when they say "God says..." we shout back at the top of our lungs " A Fair Go For ALL!".

And if we ever need to go any further than that all we have to do to counter any of their arguments is say "(they) dont believe in a fair go for all. They want rights for them but not rights for everyone else. We say A Fair Go For ALL!"

Too long we have argued with considered reason and the enemies of equality have argued with fear and emotion. Well it's time to fight that with reasoned emotion and reasonable fear!

Because people can and would and should be suspicious and fearful of anyone who'd oppose the notion of a fair go for all. And any justification they make will sound like what it is, weasel words!

Well thats what we need to demand. All bound up in one simple statement.

We shout back at the top of our lungs " A Fair Go For ALL!"

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