Thursday, January 14, 2010

Transphobia on TV, general life stuff etc.

Well Channel Ten played the Transphobic episode of The Cleveland Show here in Australia last night. Which i discovered channel surfing after realising the beautiful people wasn't on.


Thank goodness for Batman Arkham Asylum as some anger-release. Though i have to be careful I don't spend too much energy on gaming. I'm still trying to rest as much as I can to slow the holiday crash and start picking up. I wish i could get the brainfog clear enough as I really want to find an avenue for contributing positively to things some more.

There's a discussion going on about transphobia and the media actually at Questioning Transphobia finding ways to improve media coverage of transgender people both in quality and quantity is important i think to maximising the gains of recent years.

Sigh and if having insomnia while feelling exhausted and still being plenty cranky about Channel Ten and missing my girl/boyfriend being close at hand weren't bad enough I can't find my nail file and I think I left my lovely purple nail polish at Mum's place.

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