Saturday, October 24, 2009

War on Crossdressers more important than War on Terror?

Once again something hits the news where people are irrationally looking at things backwards. where some people object to a human rights criticism of an anti-terror plan..

Oh no, being fair to crossdressers by not targeting them put us all at risk.... i find it hard to think down to the level of stupid involved in this faulty conclusion.

Only in a world with no female terrorists ever would that be a valid argument.

Instead we live in a world where female spies existed in world wars long before I was born. Where female suicide bombers have struck!

Which means that any policy that looks for men in dresses as higher potential threats than women is a threat to our security.

Passing is not easy fot many crossdressers. Sure some desperate people trying to escape a seige (and got caught!) have tried it. and sure some already skilled at crossdressing have a decent chance.. but then women suicide bombers exist. And a woman can hide on her person a weapon more easilly than a CD who has to spend so much time and effort disguising that they are a CD!

The terrorists are already using our sexism as an advantage by recruiting female suicide bombers.

Now we hand them the ready-made distraction of focusing on crossdressers while they slip the real terrorists by under our noses.

What is really important? Finding hidden penises in the skirts of crossdressers? Or finding hidden bombs?

Because those bombs can and will be hidden on anyone and anything.

A female-bodied Cisgender person can hide such a thing far better than the attention-attracting spectacle of a crossdresser failing to pass to everyone (and believe me even on a good day some can read you while others are fooled).

A policy that singles out crossdressers is a waste of time, no... worse... its a danger that may allow real threats to slip through while we waste our time searching every transgender person.

To be useful a priority searching system must prioritise the most common risks and the highest risks. How many crossdressed suicide bombers and crossdressed terrorists have passed successfully and got past checkpoints and airport security etc compared to how many female-bodied cisgender suicide bombers who do not need to disguise all male and masculine traits?

Surely any rational person who sits and thinks about this for 10 minutes can see its a dangerous and stupid policy and that being ready for cisgender female terrorists is a greater threat. That pretty much every person is a potential terrorist and ignoring the real existing threat of cisgender female terrorists by concentrating on screening for crossdressers make us all more vulnerable to female terrorists. And that reveals something terrifying about the people running our security.

Whats more important?
Finding the hidden penises or finding the hidden bombs?
Genuine security or sticking with sexist assumptions that cisgender females cannot be terrorists?

Looks like some people are more scared of some thing than bombs... and willing to risk all our lives because of it!


timberwraith said...

Wow. That was an incredibly offensive video. I couldn't stand to watch it all the way through.

I feel so much safer knowing that CD/trans folks are going to be harassed at the airport. I mean, look at the rash of cross dressed terrorists we've had during the past decade. Of course, we all know that lipstick and C-4 are a girl's best friend. /sarcasm

Battybattybats said...

Oh absolutely.

Has there ever been a case of a crossdressed terrorist? By which we can measure the tactics effectiveness?

Why yes...

One case of one terrorist trying to sneak out of a seige in a mosque by dressing in a burqa and trying to leave with one of the releases of women and STILL GETTING CAUGHT!

Cause passing as female is so easy all terrorists can do it dontcha know... oh wait... in the most covering garment in human history the one time we have a crossdressing terrorist they couldn't even pass in a BURQA!

Compared to?

"Female suicide bombers carried out seven attacks in 2007 and conducted 32 attacks during 2008, the BBC reported."

See thats how stupid this is. If your trans passing reliably is still for all but a few very difficult. If you've never crossdressed before it's nigh on impossible.

Its far more effective and more efficient to just recruit cis female terrorists. which is what the enemy has done and is doing.

But mind numbing idiots are risking all our lives by looking for CD bombers and not for cis female bombers. And other idiots are defending them by missreporting it as people saying crossdressers should be excused from the same screening everyone goes through when its about them being targeted.

This policy is insane-level daft.