Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick update

It's been a bit since my last post so I thought It would be a good idea to get something posted.

Most of my time has been filled with social stuff, especially with some of my friends moving away so we had to get the most shared time we could. Miss you both already! Wednesdays especially just won't be the same now.

I also had some writing commitments to work on too. As well as the usual flare up of symptoms that come with sudden changes of temperature so the heatwave and then the rains have seriously impeded my productivity.

As usual I've had some interesting conversations, from comparing the ethics of BDSM compared to the common 'normal' sex practice of the drunken one night stand to the complicated issue of how one defines when a healthy but uncommon sexual variation crosses over to unhealthy. That latter is tricky because usually its based on how close it is to whats common and socially accepted rather than on matters of ethics or a measurable level of harm.

There was also much discussion about punk and goth mods of My Little Pony's, of makeup and manskirts, mohawks and brightly coloured artificial dreds and various subgroups of Goth culture and it's history.

And there was plenty of Anime watching, especially Trinity Blood.

On top of that I had my birthday recently, which was good. I'd not been looking forward to it and the lead up to Valentines Day was filled with far too many reminders of my last relationship. However on the day I got some really quite lovely gifts and touching messages and it really made my day. And theres more to come as I'll also do some celebrating on the weekend.

Anyways I'm a little too vague today to go into detail on any of the many interesting and important topics that have been an issue recently to do them proper justice so that'll do for now.

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