Sunday, February 1, 2009

Because Defiance can be Adorable

I assert my right to cute fuzzy adorable and pretty resistance to the dull and dour unjust rules and expectations demanded of me by those who do not wish me to step outside their narrow catagories. Queen Emily is right I have happiness and joy and laughter and friendship. Whether my presentation at any given time is wholly female or a genderqueer androgyny all of masculine and feminine expression belongs to everyone to use or not as suits them, as pleases themselves. And all you haters of transgender, especially of non-binary TG cannot stop me Mu-Ha-Ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaa.
I am free. I will defiantly express that freedom. Adorably.


ah8 said...

Here's to hoping your life continues peaceably and adorably.

'hi found your site and noticed you talked to my friend, etc.'

Battybattybats said...


G'day :)
Nice to meet you.