Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shame on FOX and the Cleveland Show

On channel ten I've been seeing ads for the Cleveland show, a family guy spinoff.

Then recently i saw this at bilerico.

Since then there has been a response with discussion of that at bilerico here.

They do a lot of good work. I won't dismiss that. But this kind of seriously harmful missrepresentation of sex and gender diverse people needs to be publicly condemned and decried.

I wont be watching this series, but its not enough that I not watch it as unless i get slected to provide ratings data channel 10 and Fox will never know this. So I'm going to tell them I'm not watrching and why, and that I'll be encouraging everyone i know not to watch it either.

And I'll tell channel 10 in advance that I'll be keeping an eye on the tv guides and if they ever play the offending episode I'll put in a complaint to Australias television standards body. And I'll be encouraging others to do so.

That includes you dear reader. I ask you to write a letter to whatever channel is showing this program near you.

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