Tuesday, June 30, 2009

85% of Australians support Gender Identity anti-discrimination!

This makes me chuckle about the 'phobes who were complaining that a charter of rights would dilute majority rule which would force them to put up with antidiscrimination protections for GLBT folk against the views of the majority... but lets see if the goverment acts quickly on this.. oh wait, they haven't yet on the almost 60% supporting full same-sex marriage yet have they?

Still check this out! http://www.coalitionforequality.org.au/GalaxyPoll-AntiDiscrimination.pdf

85% support federal anti-discrimination protections based on sexuality and gender-identity.


So come on politicians! Act on the views of the VAST MAJORITY of Australians!
And don't you dare think you can get away with narrowly interpreting gender-identity to short-change whole swathes of the transgender community either! You gotta count Bi-gender folk, Crossdressers, Genderqueers, the whole shebang!

And Media.. where is the coverage appropriate to this level of Australian opinion? You hardly mention GLBT issues but this shows it's mainstream!

If a poll-number ever justified action it's 85%


Gaeilge said...

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Indeed, while I'm wrestling with my symptom flare-up which is slowing my ability to get to a host of things I am certainly interested.