Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Intersex Solidarity Day November 8!

I just found out it's less than a week to Intersex Solidarity Day.

So in case I'm unable to post on the day and also to ensure that anyone reading this has a chance at learning of it in advance I'm posting on it imediately!

In my experience Intersex people are rendered even more invisible in Western Culture than Transgender people with few people knowing much at all about it. And yet considering what is done to children every year, the horrificaly unethical 'normalistion' surgery performed on children unable to give consent in Western countries where people react with horror at female 'circumcision' in other parts of the world this should be an issue that everyone knows about.

So please go here: http://www.intersexualite.org/ISD.html and sign the petition.

And the next person you see making or drinking a cup of coffee? Tell them about how horrible you think that surgery is and how the poor kids should be let grow up to decide for themselves what they are and what if anythings should be done to their genitals. Mention the petition and that the 8th is Intersex Solidarity Day.

And at the water cooler, talk to someone about it there too.

If you take a taxi, tell the driver what you think!

Bring the subject up in every conversation you can.

How many children are goin under the knife in the next four days? Are you going to just let that happen? Or will you help spread the awareness of that outrage so it will be stopped?

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