Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Genocide and Transgender

I urge everyone to read this and pass it around.


But it is worth taking this further, because in much of the world to obtain basic rights and essential services as a transgender person that cis folk always enjoy one must be steralised.

It's all well and good for those who choose to undergo procedures that render them sterile. Its their right to make that decision for themselves and everyone should support their right to do so. But to mandate it in exchange for basic rights and access to essential services is a human-rights abuse plain and simple. Forced and coerced sterilisation has been one of the great crimes of the 20th century.

But consider this also and consider it well.

If there is a genetic cause or factor involved in being Transgender then forced sterilisation is clear and direct biological Genocide.

It is Eugenics!

Transgender people do not automatically lose their reproductive rights! They may choose to waive them but should never be forced to waive them.

Those who do go through treatment that renders them sterile should be able to preserve reproductive material where possible and to use that later in life if they so choose.

Where there are state-based health systems these should provide for this service for those that are covered by them.

Transgender people have the same reproductive rights as anyone else. They may choose whatever treatement is appropriate to suit them according to their own priorities. They ahve a right to their own culture too.

These are all Human Rights. Basic fundamental Human Rights.

To deny them these rights is a Human Rights Abuse and where it constitutes Genocide it is a Crime Against Humanity!

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