Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once you comment your involved!

Simple enough idea.

If you feel you understand an issue well enough to comment on it then your good enough in finding a full solution. Once you involve yourself in a discussion on a subject you absorb some of the responsibility for the subject.

You see any action involves choice and consequences. Any action involves moral/ethical choice and moral/ethical consequences.

On making a statement publicly on the internet you may sway others, then the consequences of doing so are on your head. On voting or campaining on an issue you may get your way, so the consequences are on your head.

Real issues, real consequences, real peoples lives.

So you can't just wade into a discussion saying 'I don't care how you solve the problem but don't do that' and be a moral person. Doing so is like a hit-and-run. It's not enough to condemn others solutions to problems, if you've got the guts to comment and the brains to see something wrong with their proposal you have the same to help find a better alternative!

I could mention all sorts of examples of this, nuclear power/medicine/waste for example. But just for a momer the whole trans and bathrooms thing that gets so many people flinging comments round about.

If those who oppose MtF transexuals using the womens bathroom get their way these people must use the mens or have nowhere to pee. No christian worthy of the title can just say 'too bad'. No human worthy of the title can say 'too bad'. Any person who considers themselves moral decent and good must then be responsible! Either for finding an alternative or for the consequences.

The opponent might say 'I imagine this could be a threat to women and children'. But do they think 'what about the threat to the transgender people if they are't let use them?', do they check the results of other places allowing this (no-one's been hurt!) or the results of transgender people using the bathroom opposite to their presentation (some have been hurt!). If they get what they want, a protection from an as yet unrealised threat they still expose real people to real danger unless they come up with a better idea!

Real danger of violence visited upon those FtM transexuals. They will be as responsible for what those people suffer as if it were their fists and feet and worse that do the assaulting.

Why? Because they are making a choice! A very real choice! That makes them responsible for the consequences visited on other people!

Those who fling about notions that transgender people are responsible for what happens to them because they chose to be transgender are cowards trying to shift blame off themselves! Why? Because they don't know what they are talking about, plenty of studies refute that nonsense. They speak not from knowledge but ignorance! They have no real science to back their position up. But they lie or disregard truths as impossible without even measuring the evidence or imagine answers that aren't really there because its uncomfortable having to be responsible.

So if you don't want transexual women in womens bathrooms you should become part of the solution. If you think your smart enough, if you think you know enough to pass judgement and make a comment then don't just whinge about what others want to do to solve the problem.

You have to have a better alternative option. One that will actually work! And be ready to bear all the associate burdons!

Cowards and immoral people can say 'shoot them' or 'lock them up'. They just like to pretend to themselves that they are good people but they lie to themselves.

Good people would sit down, learn about the problem, think about the problem and see if they can find an alternative that fits into their value system, dealing with facts as they go rather than trying to ignore uncomfortable realities!

So commentators on issues, stop cowardly and immorally dodging responsibility. Once you involve yourself in an issue your morally trapped there till the issue is resolved justly for all!
So once you disagree with the way something is done or wanted to be done, put on your thinking cap and find a better answer.

A real measurable testable workable one.

So far letting transgender people into the bathrooms they feel appropriate works. It's passed the test so far. Got a better idea?


perpetual law student said...

in victoria when the gender iedntity law was passed (which covers crossdressers access to toiliets as well as mtf's )
RUssel Savage MP added the words bona fide to the bill that meant that you had to be genuine in your reasons for being who you are and where you go to go and do you know.( at the time the lanague seemed like a bit of a pooh but i think it works ok )

by the way i learnt one thing from the other side of the crossedborder of the affirmed male world- womens toilets are a lot cleaner- btw guys are at great risk of being assualted too

Battybattybats said...

Hello. Nice to meet you! Thanks for the info on the Victorian situation!

So long as there are communal private spaces in amenities then it seems there will be some danger.

So thus far I think the long-term answer is for all amenities to become single-user disability access ones. Put a CCTV camera outside the door and you have the safest set-up for everyone that I can think of.